Additional Instructions for PIO/OCI, Children of Indians working in Gulf/South East Asia

1. Only father or mother working in Gulf or S.E. Asia may sponsor the student for admission.

2. All documents need to be translated into English.

3. It is mandatory that all documents of sponsor parent mentioned in the list must be submitted in Original. There must be no pending documents at the time of submission.

4. Only Passing Certificate may be pending, as it arrives late.

5. Only those documents which have been uploaded earlier will be considered valid at the time of submission.

6. Original Marksheet is mandatory. Do not upload any documents unless you have the original marksheet.

7. In case the student has a Marksheet from a foreign university it should be accompanied with an Equivalence Certificate, from Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi.

8. In case the documents are found to be fake at the time of submission, the case will be rejected and legal action will be taken under Indian Penal Code.

9. During the first stage only Conditional Letter of Provisional Admission and Eligibility will be issued which may be cancelled in case all documents are not original or as per the uploaded list.

10. Visit International Centre with all uploaded original documents after you receive the Conditional Provisional Letter of Admission and Eligibility.